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The MPEG Maharishi Patanjali Education Group Maharshi Patanjali College of Computer Science and Maharishi Patanjali Yog Sansthan is registered under ” MPEGS rules and regulation of Govt of NCT by a group of quite of devoted highly qualified, experienced and educational expert student Our aim is to provide vocational Technical and Yoga Education to educated unemployment student to enable them to get better employment and live a peaceful and respectable life.

Our institute is trying to develop human resource to make successful the vocational training program, by imparting NTT for the pre-primary school. The teacher in the primary school are not capable to understand the child psychology, therefore we felt that there should be trained teacher specially for nursery and pre-school children.

At MPEG, Vocational Yoga education is imparted through Vocational Yoga Training Centres that prepares people for a specific trade. It directly develops expertise in techniques related to technology, skill and scientific technique to span all aspects of the trade. Vocational education is classified as using procedural knowledge. Vocational Education prepares people for specific trades like as Engineering, Accountancy, Nursing, Alternative Medicine, Architecture, Fire Safety,Yoga etc.

Maharishi Patanjali Yoga Sansthan are the member of QCI Under QCI Monitoring Member no is Approved After completing yoga Course, Yoga Certification QCI Exam is necessary for Govt Job.

The MPEG is an organization poised to create a literate and employable environmental and social forestry by providing seminars and programs to maintain the natural balance inspires Schools and colleges in remote areas of the country and abroad and the establishment of training centers by providing them with greater amounts of literacy and job training to bring the main object. Drugs, sex ratio and population explosion and to make people aware about how to balance training works. Its main goal is to make the world a literate.

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